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Deadwood Tree Service

Professional Deadwood Tree Service

Are your trees looking a little lifeless lately? Have brittle bark and broken branches become your new primary landscaping feature? You might have a deadwood problem on your hands.

Trees with deadwood are an eyesore and pose a potential safety risk. Deadwood can easily crack, splinter, or break entirely, becoming a falling hazard.

Let Yanez Tree Service Experts keep your property healthy and safe for you and your family. Rockville, MD’s trusted dead tree removal company will send an expert removal specialist to examine your tree, provide a quote for deadwooding, and work tirelessly to improve your property.

What Is Deadwooding?

Deadwooding is the process of removing or trimming deadwood from a tree. Deadwooding a tree is essential to maintain its health and protect you and your property from potential harm. Mature trees are most likely to require deadwooding.

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Professional Dead Tree Removal Service in Rockville, MD and Nearby Areas

What is Deadwood?

Have you ever noticed dead bark or branches on and around your property? Deadwood on trees is completely natural. Trees can split or grow brittle due to lack of nutrients or rotting.

From urban city centers to the green suburbs and rural areas, all trees are susceptible to deadwood. Some trees only get sunlight on one side, which can cause branches on the shaded side to die off.

However, even though it’s natural, deadwood is liable to break or snap suddenly, presenting a risk to you and your family. Dead or dying branches put extra strain on a tree, and the tree must devote excess energy to holding this dead weight. The tree may develop structural integrity issues, causing breaks, cracks, and the potential for falling debris.

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The Benefits of Deadwooding

Deadwood puts strain on a tree trunk. Trimming deadwood from the tree unburdens it from the dead weight and prevents further breakage.

Rot can develop and spread in deadwood, attracting pests and infestations that can spread to other trees. Deadwooding preserves the life of the tree while making it appear healthier and more attractive.

Deadwooding removes the risk of stray or falling branches and limbs damaging you or your family. Rotten and brittle wood can easily break in severe weather, posing an extreme risk to anyone nearby.

Deadwooding not only protects your property but also maintains the integrity of your landscaping. Removing deadwood tree helps extend the life of your tree and preserve your property value.

Deadwooding can also help protect your neighbor’s property if the tree is near the property line and is at risk of falling on their property.

What to Do about Deadwood in Trees

It is crucial to schedule deadwood removal as soon as you notice dead or rotting branches. Rot and infestations within a tree can spread and contaminate other trees on the property. If the rot is extreme, you may need to remove the whole tree altogether, which is an expensive and laborious process.

Your tree service expert will work with you to discuss how much deadwood needs to be removed for the tree to survive. Our experienced team at Yanez Tree Service Experts will create a safe removal plan. The health and safety of your trees are our top priority.

Why Choose Professional Deadwood Removal Service?

Using a professional deadwood removal service saves you both time and money in the long run. Trees that are more likely to develop deadwood are older and bigger trees. Our dead tree removal experts always come prepared with the necessary tools to safely remove deadwood on any type of tree, no matter what the extent of the damage is.

Our qualified removal experts can diagnose the problem and determine the proper treatment for your tree. During the trimming and removal process, our experts will remove any breakable bark to preserve your tree's appearance and extend its life. When our tree removal experts are finished with the job, they will have removed all deadwood, rotting branches, or limbs to leave your tree and property healthy and beautiful.


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Deadwood trees are not just unattractive, but also pose a safety risk to you, your family, your property, and anyone passing through. If you're ready to take care of the problem, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dead tree removal experts to evaluate your tree and discuss removal options.

Our team is fully licensed and insured, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. With more than 20 years of experience, we work quickly and efficiently to minimize disruptions in your day. We also provide professional equipment such as cranes to remove deadwood from your tree effectively.

Are broken branches and brittle bark bothering you and your property? Are your trees looking dull and liable to snap at any moment? Yanez Tree Service provides expert care and professional deadwood tree service to homes in Montgomery County, MD, and the surrounding areas. Call (310) 503-9806 today to schedule your complimentary tree inspection.

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