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Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal Company Rockville, MD


Deciding to have a tree removed from your property can be the easy part, but how do you go from decision to action while still keeping the rest of your property safe and intact? That’s what Yanez Tree Experts are here to do for you!

For over twenty years we have been providing safe and affordable local tree removal services to Montgomery County. We have the proper equipment, safety crew, and knowledgeable management on staff to ensure each tree removal we do is completed with precision and accuracy so there are no surprises along the way.

No matter what sized tree you are trying to have removed and no matter what location you are managing, we are the right ones for the job. Talk to us about getting a free estimate so you can get your yard exactly the way you want it.

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Our Services


Dead or Dying Trees

That pose a safety hazard due to falling branches or have a risk of coming down on their own

Storm Damage

Storm Damage

That compromises the safety or life of the tree due to lightning, heavy winds, or other elements

Leaning Trees

Root Risks

Like encroaching on building foundations, driveways, or other structures

before tree trimming

Trees Too Close to Home

Or too close to power lines; if a tree is encroaching on property structures, we are equipped to handle it

storm damage tree removal

Landscape Renovations

To remove trees that no longer compliment or work within a landscape design

before tree trimming

Nuisance Trees

That drop sap, leaves, twigs, blossoms, or other elements that create annoyances on your property



Yanez Tree Experts is one of the top trusted tree removal companies in Montgomery County due to our reliability, equipment, communication, and dedication to safety. For over twenty years, we have been counted on by our neighbors and community members to handle the safe removal of trees from their property when the trees simply became too much for their yard or posed a safety risk.

Although taking down a tree yourself, especially small trees, can seem like a task you’re willing to take on, we urge our community members to reach out to us for a free estimate and consultation so everyone is aware of the risks a tree removal poses. Small trees and large trees alike are at risk of falling in unexpected directions if not handled properly with professional equipment. Unexpected falls or limbs can pose risks not only to your property, but your own safety and your neighbor’s property.

In an effort to mitigate the risks that happen with DIY tree removals, Yanez Tree Experts has aimed to have the most affordable tree removal cost in the area. Safe and local tree removal services is something everyone should have access to. Our knowledge and experience allows us to give you the yard you want without breaking the bank or risking further damage with an at-home tree removal.



We have become one of the top trusted tree removal companies in Rockville, MD because of our thorough communication on every tree removal service we complete. Our aim is to ensure that everyone understands the process, time-table, and clean-up that will take place, so they can feel confident in the job they hire us for.

Tree removals can range from a necessity due to safety issues, to simply wanting to change the sky-line view of a yard. No matter the reason you may opt, it’s important that a proper estimate and consultation is delivered to understand the process.

If there is a tree on your property that concerns you, you can speak to us for a free estimate before making any final decisions. We can arrive on site to evaluate roots, limbs, branches, trunk, overall health, and more.  If your aim is to preserve the tree, we can deliver a recommendation that encompasses the safety of your property so you can feel confident moving forward in either direction.

Tree Removal Services in Rockville, MD​

For homes that have trees growing too close to property lines, power lines, buildings, and more, we are equipped to get into those tight spots and use precision accuracy to remove the tree without damage to your home or structures.

In the end, a tree removal service can be just because your are tired of the trees dotting your property lines or obscuring views, and we are available for those, too. Whatever reason you need a trusted service near you, we can handle the job.

Signs You Need a Tree Removal

Think your trees are showing signs of decay? Here’s some signs to look out for that may indicate a total tree removal is necessary. As always, give us a call to come out and deliver a free estimate! Have all the facts before you land on a final decision. If you don’t notice any of these signs but are still concerned, give us a call! There are many ways trees showcase disease or death, and these are only a few. Better safe than sorry, trust your local tree removal experts!


You notice mushrooms or other fungi are growing at the base of the tree trunk

Peels and Cracks

Signs of peeling bark or a cracked trunk are evident

A Lack of Buds

Spring has come around and you notice no buds on a tree that is normally in full bloom

Dead Branches

If you notice dead branches high up, where the tree normally receives light and health, this could be an indicator

Dramatic Leans

When a tree suddenly shifts and is leaning dramatically to one side, this could be a sign of death and an impending fall

Cavities in the Trunk

Cavities or hollow trunks indicate decay and tree death that warrant a removal

Hiring a professional tree removal company provides you with a safety-minded crew and professional equipment. We have the experience and skill set to properly remove the tree without damaging the property and keeping everyone safe.