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Leftover stumps from removed trees can present real problems in a residential yard. They are eyesores, tripping hazards, present risks for insect infections and hives, can damage lawn equipment, and prevent landscaping updates. Don’t let an old stump in your yard pose problems for you anymore. Yanez Tree Service handles all sizes of tree stump removal from tree stumps to bush stumps, and at affordable pricing. 

When you give us a call for a free estimate, we will break down the removal process, the clean- up options, and more.

Start your day with a hazardous stump and end it up with a brand new yard that didn’t break your bank. No matter what sized tree you are trying to have removed and no matter what location you are managing, we are the right ones for the job. Talk to us about getting a free estimate so you can get your yard exactly the way you want it.

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Stump Removal in Rockville, MD & Nearby Areas

tripping hazards
Tripping Hazards

Say goodbye to tripping hazards that pose risks to your children, pets, or guests due to a stump obscuring the yard.

lawn equipement
Lawn Equipment

Mowing and lawn maintenance not only is easier without a stump, you no longer need to worry about damaging your lawn mower if you hit the stump during lawn care

stump removal service

Your yard will not only look better and cleaner, you will have the opportunity to plant other flowers, gardens, and more in the area of the removed stump

Other Plants
Other Plants

A remaining stump can become infected, infecting nearby trees, or it can become a place for hives to build and insects to grow, creating an uncomfortable or dangerous lawn space

Tree And Stump Removal Services Near You In Maryland

If you need a tree removed, don’t fret that you now need to find another company to remove the stump and have to juggle more scheduling and budgets. Yanez Tree Experts can handle both your tree and stump removal in the same project scope.

Having one company complete both services not only is better for your budget, it is better for your lawn. When you work with us, we will handle the removal and stump with the safety and care in mind that is tuned towards keeping your property safe. Tree and stump removals should enhance your yard, so we will protect all structures and leave the place looking beautiful and welcoming, without any eye sores or lingering limbs.

When you work with us on a free estimate for the project, we will be sure to discuss our stump removal process that occurs after tree removal. That way you don’t need to plan yet another lawn care project — with us, our tree and stump removals are on-time, affordable, and exactly to the satisfaction you desire.


You may have been wanting to get rid of a lingering tree stump in your yard for months or even years, but the tree stump removal cost always made you hesitate. That is not the case with Yanez Tree Experts, because our goal is for affordable lawn and tree services to be available to everyone, because you deserve the property you imagined.

DIY stump removals simply aren’t an easy possibility for the average homeowner, and can even be risky when attempted alone. Many people assume an old stump can be dug up, or in extreme cases, they can burn the stump away or apply low-grade explosives. While this makes for a great scene in a movie, it is risky, dangerous, and even possibly illegal depending on where you live.

stump removal service Rockville, MD

Forgo attempting a DIY stump removal, and allow the experts to handle the project for you. When talking about your stump removal cost, we’ll also discuss your plans for the yard space. Differing projections like gardening, planting another tree, building a structure, or letting it simply be flat grassy ground can all affect how we approach the removal of stump.

Cheap Tree Stump Removal

Looking for Cheap Tree Stump Removal Service in Maryland?

With stump removal service, you not only get safe and affordable or cheap tree stump removals, you get a team who cares about your ideas for the yard and ensures the stump removal compliments those plans. Root removals, mulch from the old stump, and more all part of the considerations we take, and will allow your lawn to shine after the work is done. Don’t risk a stump removal alone when Yanez Tree Experts are dedicated to providing affordable tree services to you. With a free estimate available, you have nothing to lose.

Bush Stump Removal in Rockville MD & Surrounding Areas

Bush Stump Removal in Rockville, MD

Twenty years of experience removing trees, stumps, and completing tree services has made us a go-to for removal of stump that is stress-free. We will discuss the estimate, create a project plan, set a time and date, handle the removal and disposal, and leave you a yard you can recreate to match your goals.

Insured and licensed, we are a trusted bush stump removal company in Rockville MD, you can rely on. Stump removals can be dangerous and difficult, and although seeking assistance from a neighbor may feel cheaper in the beginning, inexperienced workers handling a stump removal can lead to injuries which can turn into costly recoveries. Even when all precautions are put into place, DIY stump removals are often approached without the appropriate knowledge, leading to labor intensive and lengthy removals.

Avoid the hassle, risk, and long weekends or evenings trying to handle the process yourself. We’re experienced, prepared, and will give you back your yard — all you need to do is give us a call, and the rest will be handled.

Hiring a professional stump removal service provides you with a safety-minded crew and professional equipment. We have the experience and skill set to properly remove the tree stump without damaging the property and keeping everyone safe.