How to Remove a Tree Stump: Step by Step Guide

How to Remove a Tree Stump

Taking a large, healthy tree stump out of your yard is a one difficult task, if you’ve never done it before. Unfortunately, even the sharpest sawing and digging tools are ineffective against some tree stumps, but there are ways to cut through them with minimal effort and some patience. It’s always the best idea to seek professional help for removal of tree stump.


We have compiled a list of simple home remedies that you can use to remove a tree stump, but we know how overwhelming this whole process can be. You can call Yanez Tree Service Experts for efficient and effective stump removal.


How to Remove a Small Tree Stump

Taking out a small tree stump is similar to standard stump removal, only slightly easier and quicker since there’s less wood to handle. Renting a stump grinder is the best removal method for small stumps since it’s a speedy process, and the stump likely won’t be strong enough to resist the grinder.


If you can’t find a grinder to cut the stump, the tree removal experts at Yanez Tree Service Experts will handle the job for you. We make short work of removing the toughest tree stumps, regardless of size.


How to Remove a Dead Tree Stump

There’s no such thing as an “easy-to-remove” tree stump, but the process of removing dead or decaying ones is as close to square as possible. Since the wood and root system are rotted, you should face minimal resistance when removing them from the ground. 


With that in mind, all you need for deadwood tree stump removal is a shovel and a handsaw to cut through the tougher parts. You might also need to apply boiling water to the exposed roots to soften them further.


Options for Removing a Standard, Healthy Tree Stump

Now that we’ve examined how to take out tree stumps that don’t pose much resistance, we can look at how to remove a tree stump that’s still healthy and causing issues. Luckily, despite the stump’s strength, there are a handful of ways you can reliably get it out of the ground.



The trick to removing tree stumps without a grinder is to accelerate the rotting process. That way, the wood weakens enough to cut through and dig out with minimal effort and standard tools. 


The most reliable way to speed up rotting is to apply either rock or Epsom salt to the stump. For example, if you drill one-inch holes across the stump, fill each with salt, cover the stump in mulch, and water the mulch to dissolve the salt, your pesky tree stump will eventually be soft enough to uproot.


The downsides of using salt as a tree stump killer are that it can take up to a year for the stump to rot enough for easy removal, and you will need to repeat the salting process once every two weeks.


The Tarp Method

Without sunlight, tree stumps won’t receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy and will decay in as little as two months. As a result, you can remove the stump quickly and easily by covering it with a large, dark tarp to cut off its light exposure.


You will need to cut as close to the stump’s root system as possible for the tarp to make a difference and weigh it down until it’s rotted enough to remove.


Professional Help

The methods above are relatively simple to get a tree stump out of the ground, but even those take time, resources, and skills to complete. To save yourself the hassle of removing the tree stump, you can call Yanez Tree Service Experts for professional help.


How to Remove a Tree Stump FAQs

Now you know how to remove a tree stump, but you still might have some questions about the process. 

We’ll answer a couple of the most common questions we receive below.


How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree Stump?

Tree stump removal cost $300 on average. However, that rate fluctuates depending mainly on the size of the stump and how accessible it is. For example, a small stump with an exposed root system costs roughly $160, while a larger stump with buried roots can cost nearly $500.


How Long Does it Take to Remove a Tree Stump?

Tree stump removal can last anywhere from a few hours to a year, depending on the size of the stump and the removal method you take. However, professional stump removal from Yanez Tree Service Experts trims that timeline as much as possible with no extra effort from your side.


Professional Tree Stump Removal from Yanez Tree Service Experts

Now that you know how to remove a tree stump, you might realize that the headache and extended timeframe aren’t worth the DIY efforts. Instead, you can call Yanez Tree Service Experts for professional stump removal service.


Call Yanez Tree Service Experts at (301) 503-9806 to schedule a free tree stump removal estimate.

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