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What Are Tree Services?

tree services

Have you ever looked at the overgrown foliage in your yard and wondered, “how much does tree service cost?” Tree maintenance service prices vary depending on your situation. From pruning some branches to removing an entire tree, the price will vary depending on the size and condition of your tree, the type of service you need, and the tree’s location. 


Types of Tree Services


Tree service companies offer several tree care services to ensure that your trees are healthy and don’t pose any threats to your buildings.


Trimming: A tree needs trimming based on its species and growth pattern to keep your trees healthy and growing the way you want them to.


Mulching: Mulching provides ground cover that adds an extra layer of protection to tree roots. It retains moisture and deters weeds.


Fertilization: Tree care professionals add fertilizer to the soil around your trees, typically under the mulch. This fertilizer provides nutrients to the root system and promotes growth.


Tree Removal: For dead, diseased, or damaged trees, tree removal may be the best option.


Stump Grinding & Stump Removal: Tree care companies use a particular machine to grind stumps down to ground level, which is faster than digging the stump out.


How Much Does Tree Service Cost?


Multiple factors impact the costs of different tree services. Tree removal companies will assess your tree, taking into account the following considerations, to quote you a price for the tree service you need.


Tree Height


Tree service companies charge more for large tree removal or pruning because they need more human resources to ensure safety. A tall tree comes with additional safety risks during servicing. The height of the tree has a direct relation to its weight. After proper planning, tree experts must carefully cut down a tall tree because it can potentially damage your property. 


Tree Diameter


When it comes to removing the tree, the thicker the tree, the more time and money it takes to cut through. Tree experts must cut the thick sections into smaller pieces for processing, so a wider tree means more work and higher service costs. Tree care professionals measure the tree diameter at chest height when determining the price.


Tree Condition


When determining the cost of tree services, arborists inspect your tree thoroughly to find out where it is planted, how old it is, and if it has any diseases or pests. A dead or leaning tree is a safety hazard and requires more careful removal to avoid damage or injuries. A mite- or ant-infested tree may also cost more to remove, as the tree company needs to deal with the pests.


Tree Location


The tree’s location, both the location of the property and the tree’s placement on the property, can increase costs. If the tree is next to a building, tree care professionals must use special safety equipment to prevent branches from falling and causing damage. If there isn’t enough space next to the tree to park the bucket truck, arborists may need to manually climb the tree, which can increase the tree service cost.


Type of Service You Need


Trees need small maintenance services every year, like trimming and pruning. These services are relatively affordable, while more extensive services like tree removal or tree stump grinding services cost more. Ask your tree service company for its base rates per service, but expect that the cost for each service will vary on tree height, size, and condition.


Why Do You Need Tree Care Services?


There are many benefits to investing in professional tree care maintenance services.


    1. Cost-effective: Tree service companies know what to look for to avoid future injury or damage from fallen tree limbs. Hiring them saves you money from future expenses that might occur in the form of home repairs and fines.
    2. Convenience: Tree care services do all the work for you. When you call in the professionals, you don’t need to spend hours trimming branches and hauling away branches in the sun.
    3. Safety: A fallen limb could cause injury or damage to your home and surrounding power lines. Tree care professionals will safely remove any dead branches and hazards before they cause issues.
    4. Professional equipment: Tree care companies have commercial-grade stump grinders, lifts, and chippers, so you don’t need to purchase any tools.
    5. Expertise: A tree care company has certified arborists with years of knowledge, skills, and expertise to handle any job.


Call the Professionals for Tree Maintenance Services


So, now coming back to the question, “How much does the tree service cost?”; it depends on the height and diameter of the tree, the condition and location of the tree, and the type of service you need. Yanez Tree Service Experts has served Rockville and nearby areas for over 20 years. Our main focus is on exemplary customer satisfaction, and to complement that, we offer free estimates, affordable prices, and quality service on every job.


To receive a free estimate for your tree service, call us today at (301) 503-9806.

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