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Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal?

who is responsible for a fallen tree

It’s hard to determine who is responsible for a fallen tree without carrying out an investigation. If the tree falls across a property line, people may argue which property owner is responsible for the damage. In order to avoid situations like this, it is important to educate yourself about the risks and distress fallen trees can cause. It is essential to hire a professional to do routine tree maintenance to prevent trees from falling. Our team at Yanez Tree Service Experts has put together this guide to explain why trees fall and who is responsible for removing the fallen tree.


Who Removes Fallen Trees?


When a tree falls, the responsible party is usually whoever owns the property that the tree stood on before it fell. For example, if a tree in your backyard falls and crushes your neighbor’s fence, you are responsible for any repairs, even repairs over the property line. In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance may cover some or all of the damage, so it’s critical to read your policy.


If you notice a tree on your neighbor’s property that looks damaged or drops limbs in your yard, you can request that the tree owner maintain their tree to prevent it from falling. If the tree does fall, it is not your responsibility to take care of the damages. Once a written request has been submitted, it is up to the landowner to make the needed changes.


Trees on Government-owned Property Lines


Who is responsible for removing fallen trees on a boundary between public land and private land? If a tree straddles a property line between private property and public, city-owned property, the private property owner is usually responsible for tree removal. The local government may notify the property owner of necessary tree work, and in these cases, the property owner is almost always liable if the tree falls.


Likewise, if you receive a notice from either your neighbor or the owner of any land around yours to make changes to correct leaning trees or falling branches, call a professional tree service company immediately. Failure to do so may lead to you not removing a tree which can cause issues. If you have a tree that could fall on your property, it is your job to take care of it.


Fallen Trees on Community Property


In the case that a tree falls in the common areas of a community, the by-laws may specify that community funds will cover the removal of trees. If a neighbor or governing organization has delivered a written statement to the homeowner before the tree falls, the homeowner is responsible for the negligence.


Why Do Trees Fall?


Trees are sturdy and don’t usually fall over on their own. Issues like pests or diseases eat away at the tree’s integrity and weaken it over time. At the first signs of damage to your tree, you should notify a professional tree service company that can assess the situation for you.


Another common cause of a tree falling on your property is an “act of god” or harsh weather conditions that you can’t predict. Strong winds hitting your trees and rain soaking the ground create the perfect situation to topple them over. It is essential to pay attention to where your trees could fall, especially if you notice a tree leaning.


As a homeowner, don’t neglect your regular tree maintenance. If you receive any communication from a neighbor or local government to trim or care for your tree, respond to it immediately. Failure to do so could result in your being liable for any damages, including the damages to a neighbor’s property.


Who Should I Call for Fallen Tree Removal?


If a tree falls on your property, call a professional tree removal company as soon as possible. It is vital that you do not try and remove the tree yourself, especially without prior experience.


Attempting DIY tree removal may cause injury or lead to purchasing expensive equipment that you may not use again. A professional tree service takes care of everything and does it at a cheaper rate than your potential bills of doing it yourself.


Hire a Tree Service Professional


Finding yourself in a debate over who is responsible for a fallen tree can be very stressful. It is important to know the condition of the tree before it fell, as well as any other conditions that led to it falling, such as dangerous weather. It’s vital to be proactive before anything happens and schedule tree maintenance to ensure you won’t be in this situation.


When you need someone to care for your trees, trust a professional who can ensure that you and your loved ones are safe from the potential risks of fallen trees. Our team at Yanez Tree Service Experts has proudly been serving Rockville, MD, for over 20 years. Call us today at (301) 503-9806 to schedule your tree service, whether you need tree pruning or fallen tree removal.

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